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Welcome to Nezua at Chacocente, a luxury tourism and residential community that embodies nature, wellness, family and culture. Located adjacent to the Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge, this self-contained sustainable community will remain pristine and pleasurable forever. Come enjoy an active, healthy, fun and fulfilled lifestyle.
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The Nezua Residential Development is currently in the design phase.  All images below and in galleries are for illustrative purposes only.

Real Estate

Nezua has been thoughtfully designed to provide a unique experience that evokes a lasting sense of satisfaction.  As a gated, master-planned community in close proximity to the Refuge, Nezua will remain peaceful and exclusive, while maintaining homeowners’ property values over the long term.  The seaside village, community areas, restaurants, stores, fitness center and wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities will let you be as engaged or relaxed as you want.

Nezua’s environmentally friendly design is reflected in its neighborhoods, which are clustered in order to maximize convenience and views while leaving large natural expanses throughout the community.  The roads follow natural contour lines to minimize our environmental impact and make it easy to bicycle or walk to the shops, restaurants, or your friends’ homes.  Environmentally sensitive areas have been protected and will never be developed.

Whether your preference is a home, condo, or townhouse, and whether you prefer oceanfront, ocean view, or a lush forest experience, there will be a Nezua home and home site perfect for you.

Homes at Nezua are designed to be spacious and open for seamless and comfortable connection to the outdoors.  Sliding glass doors open your indoor living area to your spacious patio and pool areas, ideal for a quiet family gathering or a great place to entertain friends.

Owners at Nezua will be able to experience hassle-free and care-free living.  At your option, professional maintenance services insure that all you have to do is lock the door when you leave and open it when you arrive!

The Nezua Resort at Chacocente will be a luxurious socially and environmentally responsible resort catering to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of our guests.

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Nezua has been thoughtfully designed to provide an interesting and fun lifestyle with unique experiences that evoke a lasting sense of satisfaction.

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Get a glimpse of what Nezua will offer: spectacular sunsets, old growth tropical forests, abundant wildlife, world-class surfing, and elegant sustainable design.

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