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Welcome to Nezua at Chacocente, a luxury tourism and residential community that embodies nature, wellness, family and culture. Located adjacent to the Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge, this self-contained sustainable community will remain pristine and pleasurable forever. Come enjoy an active, healthy, fun and fulfilled lifestyle.
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Nezua’s active environmental programs span a range of initiatives: the elimination of turtle, animal, bird, and precious hardwood poaching, reforestation, water management, fire prevention, and the reintroduction / reinforcement of endangered species in the Refuge are already in effect.

Nezua has the potential to positively impact the lives of the people in the area. Improved infrastructure, more jobs and job training, small business opportunities and economic development resulting from the creation of Nezua will have a substantial positive impact. The Foundation’s social programs will focus on education, health care, sanitation and housing, and will evolve to include business mentoring, micro loans, and women’s initiatives.

A portion of all Nezua revenues will be used to fund the Nezua Foundation which will implement extensive environmental and social initiatives. Your visits to the resort or purchase of a residence will have a direct and immediate positive impact.

The Foundation will also sponsor the collection and documentation, of the deep knowledge of the local plants (i.e. medicinal use, food crops, building material), as well as their rich folklore and cultural traditions.

It all started with four friends’ desire to acquire part of the Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge in order to enjoy and preserve it.  They soon discovered….

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Located on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast, Nezua encompasses more than 6,000 acres of old-growth tropical forest and over 10 kilometers of pristine beaches.

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Our carefully crafted Master Plan emphasizes the enjoyment and convenience of owners and guests, while also demonstrating our environmental responsibility.

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