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Welcome to Nezua at Chacocente, a luxury tourism and residential community that embodies nature, wellness, family and culture. Located adjacent to the Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge, this self-contained sustainable community will remain pristine and pleasurable forever. Come enjoy an active, healthy, fun and fulfilled lifestyle.
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The Master Plan

Nezua, an upscale master planned resort and residential community, is the centerpiece and focus of LCI’s vision of creating an environmentally friendly, profitable and sustainable resort community on its magnificent coastal property in Nicaragua. The property includes a portion of the Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge which contains old growth tropical dry forests, incredible plant and animal biodiversity and one of the five most important mass sea turtle nesting beaches along the Pacific Coast of the Americas where approximately 80,000 turtles come to nest each year.

Embracing the area’s spectacular natural surroundings, adventure, the uniqueness of Nicaraguan culture, and the preservation of the neighboring Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge, the Nezua development will feature an array of outdoor activities that will appeal to discriminating travelers on a global basis. The first phase of the development will feature the Nezua Resort and Spa, which will be positioned as an upscale multi-generational resort catering to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of our guests, as well as the first phase of Nezua’s residential development, and amenities like the Seaside Village with restaurants, bars and an activities center.

In addition to further hotel and residential development in the Blue Sky and Matapalo properties outside the Refuge, future phases include up to 4 additional luxury ecolodges in the Refuge, as well as a Refuge visitor center, volunteer camp, research station, and an animal rescue and rehabilitation center, all supported by the Nezua Foundation.

Upon completion, over 95% of LCI’s property holdings in the Refuge will remain untouched and preserved for perpetuity, as well as 70% of LCI’s property holdings outside the Refuge, ensuring that the local animal populations will always have space to thrive.

Phase One

The Nezua community has been carefully planned to maximize guest enjoyment, views and convenience, while also being environmentally responsible.  The area where Phase One is located had been previously cleared for farming, so no forested areas will be affected.  Roads were carefully located to follow natural contour lines and minimize slopes, which makes it easier for guests to walk or bicycle to the amenities and allows water to follow its natural drainage paths.  Residences and condominiums have been located in clusters, allowing for lots of natural green areas throughout the community.

Phase One at Nezua will be anchored by the Nezua Resort & Spa, an internationally branded beachfront resort that will feature 2 swimming pools, multiple restaurants, a bar, spa, fitness center, and areas for meetings and events.  (The hotel will also serve as a restaurant/clubhouse/amenity for the real estate owners and guests.)

The Seaside Village with its restaurants, bars, activity center and shopping will distinguish Nezua from many other projects, and the clinic and convenience store will satisfy most basic necessities.  These areas, along with the outdoor activities and amenities provided by the Refuge, will provide residents and guests with a wide array of conveniences and activities found at few other destinations.

The Nezua Resort at Chacocente will be a luxurious socially and environmentally responsible resort catering to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of our guests.

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Nezua has been thoughtfully designed to provide an interesting and fun lifestyle with unique experiences that evoke a lasting sense of satisfaction.

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At Nezua, we are focused on triple bottom line results.  We make our decisions based on the social, environmental and financial impact they will have.

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